These webcams have not been produced for a long time now. Digital Natural Motion to eliminate juddering effects Philips invented Digital Natural Motion to eliminate juddering effects that are visible with moving picture content. These webcams are spectacular for that purpose. Sorry Eteny, but that time with my webcam was over six years ago. Arthur – that is a very helpful post.

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The expected chips have both been replaced with a single Logitech ball grid array.

By attaching the web philips spc900nc webcam to a telescope using a special type of adapter, it is now possible for amateur astronomers to take high-quality photos of planets. Is it like, outside and wired through a wall to your computer?

Philips Webcam

And put a different adapter on the front and put it back into the eyepiece holder. These webcams are spectacular for that purpose. Sign In Sign Up. You will then get an idea for just how sensitive this webcam is, and what the controls do. Setting-up and using your webcam is easy as It has Philips state-of-the-art technology and its optics are so sensitive that it philips spc900nc webcam even philips spc900nc webcam you colorful, high definition images in darkness.

It gives you the freedom to express yourself philips spc900nc webcam converse naturally. Motion detection for reliable home monitoring With the special Motion Detection feature you can record anything that happens in your home while you’re out.

Continued use of SGL indicates your acceptance of our cookie policy. With the included software Vlounge I have been able to capture and very easily webcam videos with my friends and family.


Leave Philips spc900nc webcam at zero normally, but if you do need to brighten the image use only small adjustments of Gamma.

Jupiter in the First Light of my Philips SPCNC

For example Peltier chips are used in portable coolboxes to keep food and beer cold. As mentioned, the Sharp LZn philips spc900nc webcam be slightly noisier than the Sony ICXn sensors, this philips spc900nc webcam more likely to show up in a long exposure frame than in planetary images, and the longer the exposure the more the noise. When you plan to try the webcam with the telescope, be organised about ohilips.

But if you can get by without clamping this to your philips spc900nc webcam than you will be rewarded with great video I purchased this product after visiting my son-in-law who uses the cam for astro-telescope photos.

Compared it to my Neximage results and nothing in it!

Customer reviews

It is reasonably phipips and has many advanced features that give special control over exposure and gain that your standard Webcam software philips spc900nc webcam not provide. March 24, at 7: April 15, at 7: Currently, I have it mounted on a small tripod. Make a philips spc900nc webcam of always using the same USB socket to plug into.

NeutronStar on April 24, I will very simply say that this camera in most indoor light conditions is just hands down the winner. Keep them dimmer rather than too bright. If you want to later pihlips the camera for long exposure then you will have to be a little more selective as the Sharp ccd tends to be a little more noisey than the Sony.


I would also suggest you also take a look at Robert Reeves SPCNC Webcam page showing some additional photos of this webcam, and describing in more philips spc900nc webcam how to dismantle the unit. Sometimes just upping the Gain straightens out the response of the CCD and sometimes Gamma adjustments are called for. Some software requires the dimensions of the CCD chip to be entered and you will need to translate the “Type” to the relevant Width, Height, Diagonal or Area.

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Visit the support page for your Philips Webcam SPCNC/00

Doing this philips spc900nc webcam be helpful when photographing through a dobsonian mounted telescope, but also philips spc900nc webcam with other types of telescopes with proper EQ tracking the image is stationaryfor example when trying to align the webcam to create a lunar mosaic so as to ensure correct coverage of the target object when multiple images are “stitched” together.

Quick to re-align, quick to re-focus if necessary, quick debcam hit the capture button! And how do you get it to your computer? Aim to keep the Gain lower if possible.