Notice that the tuner uses the mini-USB. However, we still feel that it deserves our Seal of Approval Award. AutumnWave has addressed this shortfall with a product line that is aiming to take advantage of the newly broadcasted digital signals and allows those of us in the US to enjoy the same thing that others have been enjoying for several years. Right-clicking on the software will reveal all the options which the program is capable of. The box is small but filled with marketing material and information.

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OnAir Solution GT USB HDTV Receiver/Recorder Review

Wow, what a mouthful for such a compact device. I was excited when I received the OnAir Solution GT because there have been times I wish I could have recorded a TV show digitally and watched it on my laptop while traveling for business.

Generally, I will download the driver off the internet for the latest version but AutumnWave actually includes the latest version on the CD, so no downloading is needed.

You can find products similar to this one for sale below. The window you watch in can be set to a full screen hdtv-gtt or left in a window to let you watch TV and work at the same time.

When it comes to television receivers for your computer, there are several different solutjon to choose from. It is a great expansion card for desktop users but it has small limitation that it will only work with desktop. Installing the tuner is a straightforward process. The software also supports 4: Overall image quality was very acceptable.

OnAir Solution GT USB HDTV Receiver/Recorder Review – Overclockers Club

The front of the box shows the receiver with a person watching TV on their computer. Also, notice the always on top option which allows you to have the software always on top of any program you have opened so you can watch the TV while working. Even without the manual, you should be able to setup the program and watch TV within 10 minutes but in case you need help, AutumnWave does include an easy to read manual in the CD. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon Canada’s website.

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Setting up the channels with the included software is quite easy. The reason for this is simple; the US tends to lag far behind other parts of the world when it comes to transmitting high-def signals over the air. If so, can it produce an impressive HD display onto your laptop?

Not only you can use the preset resolution, you can simply drag the corner of the program to enlarge or reduce to any given size. It is packed with neat features that are not found with some other tuners at slightly hdtf-gt price, such as digital caption and SAP language support.

Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website. The color looks awesome despite the fact that the images are slightly darker than the VisionTek HD We can see that the software also offers EPG with program listing and a short description of the program content. Strangely, some digital channels solktion are being picked onaair by the digital tuner splution not get picked up in the analog tuner.

However, you can rename the extension to mpeg and use any software to watch the recorded show or import to any software to edit. For the user who is always on the run or has committed to use their laptop as their primary PC, it is not an option. Random Pic Click to enlarge.


AutumnWave OnAir USB HDTV-GT Tuner

In addition, the tuner is powered through the USB port so no need for carrying a bulky sllution heavy power brick. Notice that the tuner uses the mini-USB. Position the mouse cursor over the word, and the word is automatically copied into any dictionary program or text box which has input focus.

In addition, it also supports caption even for digital TV. The signal viewer is a neat little indicator which shows the strength of the incoming signal so you can use it to adjust your antenna.

Onair Solution Usb Hdtv Gt Driver

Read on to find out! For those of us stateside, there has been a lack of this type of device, mainly in part because there is often a lack of an appropriate signal. I am glad that the channels are listed in the normal number as oppose to some other software which listed the channels according to the name of the network. This particular package is their low-end solution and is designed onari portability and ease of use.

While this is slightly higher than many wired devices, it should be noted that this is a relatively new area for those of us in the US so price comparisons will be spotty at this point in time. Also on the front are some of the specs of the OnAir GT.