We loaded a few glossy sheets and opened our test photomontage in Photoshop. This reduction in moving parts inside a Memjet printer such as the EvoJet Lomond evojet office 2 means that maintenance is limited to replacing the cartridges and feeding paper. Large Format Inkjet Media Lomond XL are intended for manufacturing of placards, posters, signboards, playbills and banners, maps and drafts, full-colour photorealistic advertisements, print-copies and art reproductions. We look forward to seeing it in more products. High resolution, wide color gamut, resistance to UV rays and moisture.

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The nozzles create 1pl ink drops, which is the same size as the leading Canon Pixmas, and Lomond says the fixed head makes it more durable than a lomond lomond evojet office office inkjet with more lomknd parts. Media for laser printers. Single- or double-side coatings vary from rough matt to cast glossy.

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Adding Structure to Your Diagrams — Adding shapes to lists. We were sceptical of such heady claims as we set the device up.

Media for laser printers. However, we feel that more assistance is needed when it comes to setting up the printer head. XL self adhesive lomond evojet office film.



Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. We loaded a few glossy sheets and opened our offife photomontage in Photoshop. Single sided simplex Manual SW duplex Quality system: Unlike a laser, there’s lomond evojet office lag while the page image is created on a photosensitive drum.

It’s an inkjet, but not as we know it. ICC profiles more information.

We loaded a few glossy sheets and opened our test photomontage in Photoshop. Image 1 of 4.

Add lomond evojet office contact to our mailing list! The printer would also stop for a few seconds after printing around pages to engage in a process that we suspect was print head cleaning – catch one of those cycles and you’ll have to wait a little longer for your printout.

XL self adhesive vinyl film. Lomond EvoJet Office review Printers. With odfice inkjets, the print head scythes left and right across the page as the paper is fed through. The EvoJet Office 2 promises full colour print outs with a resolution of up to 1, x dpi for normal printing and 1, lomond evojet office 1, dpi for high quality photos and documents – both very impressive print resolutions.


Products Products New products. This newer version is heavier by nearly lomond evojet office, larger, evojeet x x mm and generally sports a more modern look compared to the first EvoJet.


It also lacks a few important office features, such as a duplex mode and the ability to add extra paper trays. XL materials for wide format printers. Read more Reviews Inkjet printers. Templates for self adhesive photopapers Get templates for common software applications for wide range of self adhesive materials. What happens when I have an item in my cart but it is less than the lomond evojet office threshold? The Lomond PostCard Photopaper series includes a set of preprinted postcards to create unique printed post cards.

The main difference between the EvoJet Office 2 and its predecessor is a redesign. Plain paper, glossy and matte microporous coated inkjet paper Paper weight: Full color printouts with resolution up to xdpi with speed 60 pages A4 in 1 minute and 30 pages A4 per minute with print lomond evojet office of xdpi.

Media for laser printers. Products Products New products. Front side is evjoet to printing on any inkjet printer according to your ideas, the back side is already a pre-printed as a lomond evojet office postcard.