If I use said driver, can I change it at a later date for a more reliable one? Is there anything in need to do in addition to get it work there is no device in vtd mode though? I also confirm that it works with mother board DQ67OW! The board processor work perfectly with vSphere 5. Not having any performance issues as mentioned by other users. Hey , it worked for me, in an ESXi 5. I’m also very interested in this fix so I can move to 5.

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Hi, has anyone tried this LM driver? Can you or someone else test this driver with Nexenta?

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No, create an account now. Discussion in ‘ Virtualized Computing ‘ started by ChillyMay 13, Do i need an extra. Download it from here: Can you confirm the links please? Is it just that uncommon? It bmware a driver created by ichi.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Oct 23, Rectal ProlapseJul 26, After i install these drivers, it shows the V as vmnic1 which appears to be fine. Any help intek appreciated!

Mar 17, SecaGuy 14 January Reply. Thank you very mutch!

ESXi Adding unsupported drivers (Intel LM) | Lokesh’s space

I change two things at once, so your modification was not the problem: It seems to work ok for a mother board: I’m going to test this on ESXi 5. Nov 23, It vnware the reason I love windows and hate linux. I’ve been sticking with 4. Power cycle the system. Let us hope no more issues.

The only solution in this case is to reinstall the ESXi since the new vib replaces the original intel drivers included by VMware. I have a SuperMicro board with the LM and would love to find the latest and best supported driver.

Enable Intel LM NIC in VMware ESXi

Andrew Austin 7 April Reply. Using the instructions provided, I was able to enable the second NIC without error.


Leboucher 25 February Reply. Kingston just dropped the price from per pair to per pair.

When i remove the vib again lspci looks like this: Feb 7, My installer seems working now. DlStreamnetMay 14, I too am also interested in a solution as I’ve just pulled the trigger on this mother board.

Whenever I tried to do MTU with this driver it essentially hangs esxi up.