I’ve distrusted Paragon’s filesystem code for years. A disk formatted with FAT is allocated in clusters, whose size are determined by the size of the volume. To protect the volume, two copies of the FAT are kept in case one becomes damaged. After two supposed hard drive failures in 3 months I’m a bit suspicious of the SATA controller or cabling. Microsoft even removed the ability of NT 3.

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So if you dont want to buy a Windows machine just to maintain your portable drives, dont use Microsoft formats. The following names are reserved: It is not possible to set permissions on files that are FAT partitions.

Reading HPFS files from WIN XP

Check out the Paragon Technology Portal! So far, after 2 weeks, I’m still waiting for a response to my request for help from Paragon and it seems I could be waiting a while. Formatting will erase all the files on your drive, so make sure you have backed up your files. It is also highly tunable by experienced administrators. Windows and macOS use different file systems.


This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. What could the problem be? If you just need to recover files from a drive, 10 days is plenty of time to install this file system driver, copy your files over, and uninstall it.

Somebody should mention that when talking about ExFat. If the FAT table is not regularly updated, it can lead to data loss. Your email address will not be published. Skip to main content. Once I removed any character like: MacDrive, therefore, winrows a more economical option. You can look it up if you care to. The name must start with either hpsf letter or number and can contain any characters except for the following: However, since HPFS lacks a journalany recovery after an unexpected shutdown or other error state takes progressively longer as the filesystem grows.

For further discussion aindows FAT advantages, see the following: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Paragon did everything i needed it to do, read, edit and savejob done! All I can access is the help menu, which ain’t helpful at all!

I instructed them to use the update for ExFat and prepared an ExFat drive to mail them original high quality HD video files on.


All I have to check to see if the drive is actually bad is a Windows 7 x64 machine as her Air sure won’t help. Be sure to remove Paragon or MacDrive before proceeding. After that it will be locked until you activate a purchased license.

For some reason ha gave me an external drive for MAC!

Overview of FAT, HPFS, and NTFS File Systems

You can disable Core Storage to solve this problem. Gave me the blue screen of death. For the record, The Paragon app won’t let you run the free trial any more.

Does anyone have a good link to reference? With the trial version, happy to buy after trial experience. Yes, we completely support all BootCamp configurations. Microsoft even removed the ability of NT 3.