At the moment it might be a little pricey to encourage you to pick up on a whim, but give it a go in a shooter and you might just change your mind. The images below will provide the DPI options of each setting and its colour. It does this in many ways Granted, most of that is due to the fact that I suckā€”but I digress. For ease of use all mouse buttons are customisable.

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To pervert a well known phrase: No console controller has surpassed the mouse as the weapon of choice among FPS enthusiasts.

Zalman FPS Gun FG Reviews and Ratings – TechSpot

By Virtual-Hideout on April 08, Okay, lets admit it: For Totally different Accurate lateral movement. Gain horizontal control at the expense of vertical movement. Teflon fpsvun for quiet and smooth operation. The FPSGun looks tacky and gimmicky. The layout of the mouse buttons are extremely important for this type of design. Given technology is designed to make our lives easier, how often do you sit there pleading for something inanimate to work?

Against Limited configurations A little too short. Zalman UK Price as reviewed: Gaming mice are probably the most important peripheral hardcore gamers can invest in, so cost is not usually an issue if the gains are noticeable. Has the company learnt any new tricks in the last few years then, or is the Sidewinder more useless than a dead viper?

It may look unnatural but holding the mouse in this way is ergonomically better than a standard mouse. Sure, chucking a high-dpi laser and a couple of extra buttons to your bog standard rodent might convince a few people you have the next big thing in peripheral Fpsghn is a company that is most well known for Quiet PC cooling and cases, yet it regularly releases unrelated products; 5.


Christmas is over and, thanks to unimaginative but rich relatives, you’ve managed to scrape together a little bit of cash with which to treat yourself. Sometimes it works well, but more often than not it simply remains unnoticed. This is a surprisingly effective attempt at creating a new style of controller, and certainly worth a look.

Zalman FPSGun FG1000 Mouse Review

Instructions PDF Zalman website. I have to admit, using a trigger instead of a mouse button is a lot of fun and making the transition was not as For the most part, its designed well, especially for a device that could have been much, much worse.

The reason for this is that the optical sensor on the FPSGUN is located further down the mouse allowing for quick on screen movements with less psychical movement of the mouse.

The Novint Falcon is one of the most impressive and compelling devices we’ve ever tested – a multi-axis, motion sensitive, force feedback controller for games like Half-Life 2 that allows gamers feel textures, weight and forces in the game world.

At the moment it might be a little pricey to encourage you to pick up on a whim, but give it a go in a shooter and you might just change your mind. It did feel faintly ridiculous trying to manoeuvre the cursor around the desktop with this malformed mouse, but as soon as I got into a CoD4 deathmatch it all made sense.

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Continuing with this trend Zalman have now released a gaming product like nothing you have ever seen before!

Please ensure that cookies and JavaScript are enabled. But it performs well and definitely surprised me with its functionality. Why doesn’t anything work?

Zalman FPS Gun FG1000

Fpzgun product combines some the best features of gaming mice with a trigger attachment to give a new and unique experience to FPS games. What better way to start the new year than to take them both for a spin and see how they hold up. Trigger style mouse buttons.

Good accuracy, tracking, and comfort make it an excellent addition to your arsenal. The actual sensor is located in the foot that stretches out in front of the base of your fist, this means that it instantly feels different to using a standard mouse in-game. Editors Didn’t Like Handle could be an inch taller, Large fspgun surface needed Not for hardcore gaming, Not a big boost to gameplay Takes time to get used to, Not ideal for everyday PC applications, Expensive Too small for most people to use.