I had owned a couple of matte LCDs before but liked the brightness and contrast of glossy screens. This definitely a worthwhile feature. It is a convenient way to secure files or sign into the numerous websites you visit. The HEL80 is also configurable with internal Bluetooth wireless, a very worthwhile option if you have Bluetooth-enabled devices or plan to buy some, such as PDAs, cell phones, or even other computers. Ubuntu Linux required three reboots: Of course, these are just some of the default programs installed, and there are loads of totally free programs available for download from the Ubuntu and supporting repositories. All around the display are small rubber squares, which ensure an even and secure fit when the notebook is closed.

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Finger Printer Operating Your Notebook 2. This section covers each Security parameter. Hopefully he will have the Super Pi score compal hel80. Visit our network of sites: Setup Confirmation Load default configuration now? Adjusting Brightness Operating Your Notebook 2.

I have mentioned that none of them particularly bother me, yet one or more of them may be problematic for some. Take a look at the 2nd picture from the bottom and you will compal hel80 there is one fan.

The touchpad needs to be manually compal hel80 every time the system is started and can be a hassle. The only warm compal hel80 on the HEL80 are the touchpad and the area to the left of it. Within a few repetitions of this error, though, I catch myself and position my fingers accordingly when going for the Ctrl key.


Battery The Power System 5. Every notebook compal hel80 the Best Buy and Circuit City in my area features a glossy screen, so I found it pretty easy to get a feel for a glossy screen. Excepting kernel compal hel80 Xorg updates, no software update ever requires a com;al.

Caps lock, number lock, and scroll lock lights, user-definable buttons 2lauch default Internet browser, launch default Mail application, power button.

Here’s a quick listing of the ports of the HEL I have highlighted a number of smaller issues that others may have with the HEL80 throughout compal hel80 review to the point of nitpicking minor flaws. Interval 01 Average FPS: Quite frankly, this much speed and smoothness of operation spoils me.

It can get irritating if you unintentionally compal hel80 it while typing on the keyboard because it will move your cursor unexpectedly.

COMPAL HEL80 Notebook & Laptop

Turning off your notebook while it is reading from or writing to a disk may damage the disk, the drive, or compal hel80. Page 54 Operating Your Notebook 2. The viewing and color is good from compal hel80 very awkward angles view large image Screen specifications: If I had been paying attention, I could have cut this down to just two reboots by downloading and installing the kernel at the same time as the system update happened.


Battery Pack compal hel80 Introducing Your Notebook 1. Use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner, gently remove dust from your notebook’s openings and keyboard.

Compal HEL80 Review

I have never really used webcams before, but it does what I would expect a webcam to do — capture low resolution video and snapshots. Trademarks used in this document: I expected compal hel80 of an increase heo80 overclocked gaming performance based on the large increase in benchmark scores. compal hel80

Processor and Performance I don’t have much to comment on here. Media compal hel80 view large image. In well-lit indoor environments, such as the research lab I work in, at full brightness is quite comfortable and very readable.

This comes in for two reasons: The keyboard stays an even temperature in all places. Based around the Intel GM chipset, this notebook compal hel80 users interested in compal hel80 lot of power in a semi-portable form.

Battery In Ubuntu Linux, doing typical heavy web browsing, word processing, etc. I ocmpal unsure about the modem at this point.