Since I am no expert on this hardware, I am not going to proceed further. Windows controller details, once installed, shows it is using this file: I sat here and racked my brain trying to get this to work and after combing through tons of info on the subject, i managed to get it to work. Follow the instructions as he laid out. I’ll play around with some settings and see if I can work that out. I have am using the 5Ghz band. This device works in Linux and Ubuntu Karmic 64 bits.

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I would be extremely grateful if someone could get back to me to figure out the 2 remaining issues: Windows controller details, once installed, shows it is using this file: Getting ausb600n wireless connection works fine was the first step, after installing a “clean” ubuntu You can confirm it is working with linkx command iwlist Look for an entry labeled “ra0”.

The furthest I could get is using NetworkManager with cfg support enabled. I’ve had it running for about 10 hours with wicd managing the wifi and it hasn’t dropped out once.

Any input is appreciated. Hi, Well, it looks like while my device is ccisco working, I can only connect at A very quick test on Natty indicates that if I use the drivers attached here by emory version 2.

Recent Drivers  RX9250-T128 DRIVER DOWNLOAD

Linksys WUSB600N v1

I was not able to compile the driver. The attachment is a zip file containing two CSV files which can be viewed in open office or Excel. Well, hopefully that helps someone out there. These days very few devices outright won’t work. Message 22 of 24 5, Views.

networking – Linksys wusbn support on Debian-6 – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

I think this guide is quite too old. Before I go too far, and before I violate some rule about acceptable usage of launchpad, I would like to mention that I am actually using Linux Mint 7 32bit, which as I understand is built on Ubuntu 9. To me wusb060n looks like mainline is not configured to build the new driver.

Partners Support Community Ubuntu. Unless someone turns it into a DKMS module But if the action is in Linksys’ court, I’m not ilnux they would help us at all.

Reboot hung on something the graphical screen obstructed the view and I had wsb600n use the old Alt-Shift-SysRq to sync-unmount-boot the box. You guys are hands down the best tech support iv ever had the privilege of taking advice from and well I have now successfully got the RaLink 2. Linksys wusbn support on Debian-6 Ask Question. After adding usb-id The driver loads and detects the stick, but no matter what I do, “iwlist” gives “No scan results”. Well, cksco looks like while my device is finally working, I can only connect at If the mainline kernel does not fix this bug, please add the following tags: I am using the latest ralink rt driver [2.


Jose Luis Carballo jlcb03 wrote on Steve Sinclair radarsat1 wrote on However upon attempting to connect to my network WPA2 the entire PC froze, causing me to power the machine off twice: One file is for the wireless result, the other is for the wired 1Gbps result. For me wisb600n does not work either.

We were wondering if this is still an issue? I’ll play around with some settings and see if I can work that out.

Others may require minor tweaks, but should work as well. Error – Failed to allocate device.