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Microsoft Office has Various Applications and Softwares in its store. The Largest Used of that is Office Package. You Can Use your Card or Product key to find the download details or also see the steps provided below


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Installation Guide on Office Setup

Computer was made in Early 18th century started from abacus was the beginning of Computer.
There were many generations of computers until we came to today’s world of technologically wired human civilization
We cannot think anything without computers today, they are our lifelines in every manner.
First generation was made with vacuum tubes then came the Transistors following with Integrated circuits and Microprocessors
Once microprocessor came into market and was used commercially it made a vast environment for computers with all the huge capabilities of work that it can do.
And once the Internet was connected to the todays or 5th generation of computers the things we could do was countless with computers.
The Hardware or the Machine electronic part without the software making it work was useless or dead. It was the Operating system that gave it life and made it workable, so from the beginning it was Windows and MAC operating system which gave this life to the hardware but MAC was made available to only the devices which Apple made themselves
But Microsoft gave its operating system to everyone and made it commercially available to everyone student business and stores. With the introduction of Microsoft windows, it came with some basic applications and also with some integrated softwares like paint, WordPad, notepad which would do all the small or east stuff like make paintings and make notes of things but it was not customizable there were not many changes that you could make.
Then Microsoft came up with a program called Microsoft Office package which had many things you could do with and was a complete package including Office Excel PowerPoint Access One Note and it had many versions Microsoft Office 2003. Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office2013 Microsoft Office2016, Microsoft Office365 having updated features consuming less time.
Microsoft Office Setup had many options and uses but not all of them were used.
Following are the steps that you can use them to get Office Setup.

  1. Open your computer and Connect it to internet
  2. Open your browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
  3. In the address bar type
  4. Now you have the page where you either have to login to your account or signup for one
  5. For creating a new account as you might not have one click on Create new and enter the details
  6. For Existing users please click on Login to your account
  7. Once you have signed in to your account or signed up you will have a screen asking for key
  8. At this point you have to enter the key you purchased or have for Microsoft office
  9. Once the key is entered it should automatically ask you to choose your preferred language
  10. Choose your language and proceed further
  11. Now it will put the key in your account and you should be able to see what version of office you have
  12. Now click on install
  13. And you will have setup downloaded
  14. Now open and run then downloaded file and the installation will proceed
  15. Within a few minutes depending on the inter net speed your office will be ready to go



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